8th Brazilian Congress on Metrology

Better measurements, more quality, more trust!

29 de novembro a 04
December 2th of 2015

Bento Gonçalves
Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Submission of Papers


Participants wishing to present a paper should submit an article as per the template formatting guidelines

Model Article in Portuguese -  Click here.
Model article in English -  Click here.

Attention!  Authors who wish their work participate in the selection for publication in the special issue of the Journal of Physics Conference Series, published by IOP Publishing, should submit the article in English!  

The deadline for paper submission is 31 August 2015. 


The papers presented will be organized according to the themes of each event. See:

Click here to see a complete list of topics. 

Evaluation of Articles:

During the period between September 1st and September 30 2015, items will be subject to evaluation by the Scientific Committee of the event.

Articles will be analyzed according to the following criteria:

  1. Originality 
  2. Scientific interest 
  3. Methodology 
  4. Relevance of the results
  5. Writing Quality


Articles accepted for oral presentation: oral presentations will have 15 minutes limit as 10 minutes for the presentation of the author and 5 minutes for discussion.

The papers presented in poster format shall have a maximum size of 90cm in wide by 120cm high.

The author responsible for the submission will receive the corresponding certificate, which shall contain the names of all the co-authors of the work.