8th Brazilian Congress on Metrology

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29 de novembro a 04
December 2th of 2015

Bento Gonçalves
Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

II Workshop of the Network of Chemical Metrology of Imetro (Remeq-I)


Inmetro took the initiative to create the Network of Chemical Metrology of Imetro (Remeq-I), published in the Official Gazette and Service Bulletin Ordinance No. 664 of December 17, 2012, which aims to integrate existing national competences and identification of new ones, seeking the best use of resources and the available infrastructure. 

During the implementation phase throughout 2013, the Remeq-I was coordinated by a Transitional Coordination Group (GCT) which was formed by specialists involving various organizational units of the Office itself, including, besides the scientific metrology, legal metrology, accreditation, technological innovation and metrology applied to life sciences, as well as professionals from other research institutions. This group was responsible for preparing the Internal Regulations of Remeq-I, its operating model and organizational structure. The activities of this GCT is ended with the publication of Ordinance No. 521 of 31/10/13 with the Bylaws of the Network and with the publication of Ordinance No. 598 of 06/12/13 of the Composition of the Executive Committee.

The Remeq-I is coordinated by an Executive Committee, which is the lnmetro (several areas) and an Advisory Committee involving MAPA, ANVISA, ANP, ABIQUIM, SENA-DN, CETESB, EMBRAPA and UFRJ. Overall coordination of Remeq-I is done by the Imetro researcher Vanderléa de Souza. 

Unlike other networks, Remeq-I features an innovative character, for in it the interactions between the various actors chemical metrology in Brazil will occur differently, ie, through a governance mechanism. The main objectives are: (a) promoting the integration of interests; (B) the best use of resources and infrastructure; (C) the exchange of experiences; (D) technical cooperation and metrology training; and (e) the dissemination of metrology and measurement units with minimal interference in the activities of its members. The Remeq-I priorities mainly involve training, Reference Materials Production and Proficiency Testing Organization.

The Workshop of the Network of Chemical Metrology of Imetro (Remeq-I) was part of the 7th Brazilian Congress on Metrology held in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais on November 25th 2013.The Workshop was attended by about 50 researchers from various public and private institutions in various areas of chemistry. The opening ceremony was performed by Prof. Dr. Humberto Brandi, Director of Dimci, one of the main promoters of the network creation, who spoke about the importance of the Network of Laboratories. Then there were the lectures of Network coordinator, Vanderlea de Souza Dimci / lnmetro on the Network Design and researcher Rodnei F. Days of DITEC / Imetro on the results of researches Study of Supply and Demand of MRC and EP in the country. A discussion Group was held on the strategic vision of the network and on the production of MRC and organization of EP for the next 5 years with the participation of Abiquim, ANP, ANVISA, INCQS, Senai-DN and MAPA.

The I Remeq-I Workshop was organized on 10th and 11th of November 2014 and featured the participation of registered laboratories in the network in order to discuss issues of common interest, especially case studies of reference material producer according to ABNT ISO Guide 34/2012 and proficiency testing provider like ISO / IEC 17043/2011 as well as the advantages of being an accredited body, the activities of Metrology of Life, and also what to do to speed up the import of inputs and samples from abroad. This event had the participation of 50 researchers belonging to extemal registered laboratories in the network. On days 12, 13 and 14 November 2014 was held the first training course of Remeq-I which had the theme "Reference Material Production and Certification" with the participation of 39 researchers. The Remeq-I currently has 75 laboratories from 51 institutions.

Themes for submission of papers:
Papers may only be submitted by Remeq-I members.

  • Development of Reference Materials in the following areas:
    • MR of environmental area;
    • MR of food and beverages area;
    • MR of chemical products;
    • MR of pharmaceutical area; 
    • MR of nutrition and food health area;
    • MR of clinical analysis area;
    • MR of fuel area;
    • MR of human health area;
    • MR of animal health area;
    • MR for the use of internal quality control;
  • Development of new programs for proficiency testing;
  • Validation of new analytical techniques and methods using MRC;
  • Approach for assessment or MRC purity;
  • New analytical methods applied to MRC certification.