8th Brazilian Congress on Metrology

Better measurements, more quality, more trust!

29 de novembro a 04
December 2th of 2015

Bento Gonçalves
Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Metrology 2015

The Metrology 2015 has the general objective to contribute to the development of metrology through the presentation of technical papers, presentation of lectures of scientists invited with significant and current contributions to the field, exchange of experience and technical exchanges between professionals and institutions in the country and abroad. 

 Specific objectives: 

  • To deepen the integration of metrology and conformity assessment;
  • Discuss recent advances in metrology in general and quality;
  • Present and discuss the implications of metrology and quality in the economy, industry, environment, health, within the national and international levels, in view of the major issues generated by globalization, especially those related to trade barriers;
  • Present and discuss new techniques of measurement and calibration, developed and being developing in the industry;
  • Discuss the infrastructure of metrology and quality to support the development of countries and regions, and reliably guarantee measurements and quality of products to citizens.

Themes for submission of papers:
The papers presented at the Metrology 2015 will be organized according to the following topics:

  1. Physics Metrology (Optics, Technical, Mechanical, Acoustic, Electrical, Electronics, Magnetism, Telecommunications)
  2. Materials Metrology;
  3. Chemical Metrology;
  4. Biology Metrology;
  5. Metrology and Instrumentation in Ionizing Radiation;
  6. Metrology in the areas of health and food;
  7. Uncertainty, Statistics, Mathematics;
  8. Legal metrology;
  9. Management systems;
  10. Laboratory infrastructure;
  11. Instrumentation, Automation and Robotics;
  12. Metrology, Standardization and Conformity Assessment.