8th Brazilian Congress on Metrology

Better measurements, more quality, more trust!

29 de novembro a 04
December 2th of 2015

Bento Gonçalves
Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

II Brazilian Congress on Metrology of Ionizing Radiation

The Metrology area has a commitment to society. Its necessary to meet the growing demand for metrological services in different segments, with more quality and developing high-level research.

Measurements in the radiation area should provide guarantees, confidence to the consumer its has the best in terms of services. New and better products and processes also raise the country's competitiveness, promoting the improvement of people's quality of life. Metrology is essential for appropriate levels of safety to be maintained in order to support measurements covering the areas of health, industry, environment, agriculture, power generation.

In Brazil, millions of people are diagnosed and treated in radiotherapy procedures, diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine. There are 63 million radiology procedures a year, nine million procedures in radiotherapy, covering 450,000 patients a year. It is essential that the doses received by patients are correct and that radiation detectors equipment perform measurements accurately.

In industry, techniques like gammagraphy allow us to identify structural defects in materials and even in the national oil exploration program metrology is of particular importance. Nuclear technology is used also in the sterilization of medical and surgical materials and biological tissues, irradiation of spices, research in favor of the environment, to combat agricultural pests and the preservation of documents and goods of historical and cultural heritage. The generation of electricity in nuclear power plants also strongly depends on the metrology area.

The IRD works in favor of the health and safety of the public and workers exposed to radiation, promoting the preservation of the environment. It is the laboratory designated by the lnmetro as a reference in the area of ionizing radiation, through its National Metrology Laboratory of Ionizing Radiation. It is responsible for conducting, maintenance and dissemination of magnitudes related to ionizing radiation in Brazil.

Themes for the submission of papers:
The papers presented at the II CBMRI will be organized according to the following topics:

  • Metrology in X Rays, Gamma Rays, electrons  and charged particles;
  • Metrology of radionuclides;
  • Metrology of neutrons;
  • Metrology and instrumentation in ionizing radiation;
  • Metrology in the areas of health, industry and radiological protection;
  • Uncertainty, statistics, mathematics;
  • Legal metrology;
  • Health and quality;
  • Management systems;
  • Instruments and laboratory insfrastructure;
  • Education in metrology, standardization and conformity assessment.

Scientific Committee

  • Akira Wahara
  • Ahmed Meghzifene
  • Bernardo Maranhão Dantas
  • Camila Salata
  • Carlos Eduardo de Almeida
  • Carlos Frederico Alvez
  • Carlos Henrique Simões de Souza
  • Carlos José da Silva
  • Daniel da Silva Quaresma
  • Domingos de Oliveira
  • Evaldo Simões da Fonseca
  • Flávio José da Silva Dantas
  • Giovane de Jesus Teixeira
  • Gunter Drexler
  • José Guilherme Pereira Peixoto
  • José Ubiratan Delgado
  • Karla Cristina Souza Patrão
  • Lidia Vasconcellos de Sá
  • Luis Alexandre G. Magalhães
  • Luiz Tauhata
  • Maria Candida Moreira de Almeida
  • Maria da Penha Potiens
  • Maura Julia C. S. Bragança
  • Paulo Cruz
  • Pedro Pacheco Queiroz Filho
  • Renato Di Prinzio
  • Ricardo Amorim Barbosa
  • Ricardo José de Carvalho
  • Silvia Maria Veasques de Oliveira
  • Simone K. Renha
  • Teógenes Augusto da Silva
  • Walsan Wagner Pereira