8th Brazilian Congress on Metrology

Better measurements, more quality, more trust!

29 de novembro a 04
December 2th of 2015

Bento Gonçalves
Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Better measurements, more quality, more trust!


The year 2015 will be celebrated by the United Nations initiative as the International Year of Light.  By a curious coincidence, many notable events in science and technology complete multiple of 50 or 100 years this coming 2015.  From pioneering work wise Ibn Al-Haytham in 1015, through Fresnel, Maxwell, Einstein until the discovery of the cosmic radiation background to the use of optical fibers in communications in 1965.

More and more electromagnetic radiation is present in our daily lives in a large number of applications.  And there is no way to think of these applications without thinking of measurements.  From entangled photons to more prosaic lighting our of daily life, we relate all the time with luminous phenomena.

Among other things, the light allows us to communicate globally and on a large scale.  And that strengthens an internationalization of production processes, which brings considerable changes in the relations, processes and economic, social, political and cultural structures the country.

These conditions require the interchangeability of parts of complex systems, translated by strict adherence to standards and specifications using measurement techniques increasingly accurate, as well as the growing demand of the consumer markets for products higher quality and services.

We also require innovation and improvements in domestic production, to leverage the industry's competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.  Thus, the country is organized to give increasingly bold steps towards economic and social development.

In this edition of the Brazilian Congress of Metrology, in addition to the thematic sessions in various areas of Metrology and Conformity Assessment, will hold several satellite events, which are already traditional events or highlighting major current issues such as those relating to the International Year of Light.  The meetings will be on Electricity (XI International Seminar on Electrical Metrology - SEMETRO) Ionizing Radiation (CBMROI) and the Meeting of the Brazilian Chemical Metrology Network.

Repeating the initiative undertaken in 2013, on the occasion of the seventh Brazilian Congress of Metrology, the best works, selected by the Scientific Technical Committee, will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Physics Conference Series, published by IOP Publishing.

As in previous events, we will promote the Metrology Expo 2015 trade show and exhibition of measuring equipment.  We will also have the Metrology 2015 offer classroom courses in various areas of interest Metrology and Conformity Assessment, conducted by the National School of Basic Industrial Technology - ENTIB, of SBM.